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 6:38 PM WST, Saturday, March 24, 2001 - Markham N. Carroll
It's been a nice three years, everyone, but it is time that I take my leave. I do not know what I will do from now on, but I guess I'll just wander from one group to another untill I find one like the one I, and every oldbie who left, knew. The old CC was a nice place, but recently it just isn't the same. The CC is not the only reason I am leaving. High school is taking alot of time, and I am currently in the Del Oro Concert and Jazz bands and I hardly have time to work on things. I will still be somewhere in AW, and I may pop into JRC from time to time, but from today on this site will no longer update, and remain untill freeservers deletes it.
So long, Creatures, it has been a great three years.
 8:00 PM WST, Tuesday, Feburary 20, 2001 - Markham Carroll
Sorry for the VERY delayed update. Currently (ie: this last month or so) I have had power problems, an odd disapearence (and most very likely, death) of Midnite my oldest cat, distractions (Roller Coaster Tycoon), a dead floppy-drive (which still needs replacing), Driver's Ed., and other miscelaneous happenings.

Four days-worth of EIN will be updated as soon as my floppy drive is fixed. I also need to get back to work on my many projects.

Please, if you are going to e-mail me, add [CREATURES] to the front of the subject line. I am currently drowning in rotting SPAM.

Ihave thoughts of creating a Creatures Community Player World for Graal Online, but that will only happen if members off the CC (ie: you!) e-mail me telling me it is a good idea. Also, please tell me what you would like to see in it.
I plan to update more often, as soon as I catch up on the news.

 8:45 PM WST, Friday, January 12, 2001 - Markham Carroll
Today is January 12, and that is also my birthday. i am now 15, and in 6 months I will be running over every trash can on the street trying to learn how to drive. : ')
Not only is it mybirthday, it is also Wafuru, TraxJD, and Ping's as well!

I was unable to update yesterday, due to California's infamous power problems. (Curse those darn tree-huggers who won't allow more power plants!) Today I have added yesterday's EIN, and tomorrow will bring two day's worth of it. All will be fine, unless the govern(de)ment(ed) decides they have to step in on the problem and shuts off the power for another few hours.

 7:10 PM WST, Tuesday, January 9, 2000 - Markham Carroll
Nothing new, except for a new "Everything is Nornal" and a terrifying NeoPutz pic on my wallpaper, no thanks to my little sister.
 4:15 PM WST, Monday, January 8, 2001 - Markham Carroll
I stumbled across something today. This is something everyone should visit - The Max Jerome (SteerPike) Memorial Web Site. It also includes all of SteerPike's works, including his famous C1 and C2 COBS, and his hillariously funny Creatures poems.

EIN has been updated today, and will be updated every day possible from now on.

 8:00 PM WST, Saturday, January 6, 2001 - Markham Carroll
i r b haveing a gr8 idear! I have made a printable template for creating the EIN comic strips! Now I can cut down time drawing the boxes out on graph paper and editing out the graph paper lines after they've been scanned in! Now I can create the strips alot faster! Now that I have made those, beginning on Monday, EIN will become a daily comic!
 12:45 AM WST, Saturday, January 6, 2001 - Markham Carroll
Happy new real mellenium! (as if anyone cares) Last week I didn't have time to make a new "Everything is Nornal," but this week there is! Soon I will have character bio's up.

Dwarf Norns: I will continue work on C2 and C3 Dwarf Norns as soon as I get a new moniter. The one I have now is starting to give out, and it seems to be magnetising itself. Untill then, I get to play C3 with inverted up colors!

 4:45 PM WST, Saturday, December 23, 2000 - Markham Carroll
The first of "Everything is Nornal" is now up! Go over to the Comics section to see it! Also added are one link in the links page, and eleven C2 Norns submitted by Lyn!

I also fixed the line problem!

Note: I will most likely not update this site untill next Tuesday or Wednesday.

 11:30 AM WST, Friday, December 22, 2000 - Markham Carroll
This website is finally open! School got out yesterday! I finally have free time!

All the links work, but alot still don't have any content. I need Norns, Ettins, Grendles, and Geats. Send them here with a picture. Please tell me what species it is, and what version of Creatures it is for. Any creature without an image will be deleted from my inbox. I also need links for my links page. Please send those here.

It seems that with Freeservers website editor, pressing backspace more than once closes the window without saving. >:' | Now, for the last time: tomorrow, you can expect to see the first of "Everything is Nornal" on the comics page, and I might release some info on my new project "Booga Topia Terra Tapioca."

[Added] What is the best thing to shoot a computer with? That horizantel lineabove this is DEFINATLEY NOT IN THIS STINKING HTML!!!

  7:30 AM WST, Tuesday, December 5, 2000 - Markham Carroll  
Created basic layout of the web pages and some dead links.

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